The three group leaders, Kim Hanson, Petra Hasenfratz, and Cal Steel have been working together for fifteen plus years at their complementary health clinic on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada. Their combined experience of 75 years in health care has inspired them to continually investigate the root of illness and disease in their patients and in our culture. It is clear to them that a connection to Nature is essential for restoring and maintaining personal health and balance.

In partnership with the Sapara, they are offering a direct experience with a culture that does not and never has lived in separation from Nature. Exposure to an intact culture like the Sapara initiates the opportunity for a profound healing process, both personally and culturally.

Kim Hanson, L.Ac.

Using the foundational tenets of Taoism and Chinese medicine, Kim practices Classical Five Element acupuncture to support her clients to fully express themselves. At its roots, Chinese medicine defines health as one’s ability to fully manifest their gifts and strengths in the world and to live out one’s destiny to the highest level.
The ancient Taoists and all indigenous cultures have adopted Nature as a great teacher. They honour the seasonal shifts and how they affect our human experience and they mindfully recognize their appropriate place in the cosmos and the interconnectedness of all life. It is with this awareness that Kim approaches her work with people. She cultivates her own disciplines of this wisdom by working on her family’s organic farm. She finds that farming is one of the best ways to attend to a daily relationship with Mother Nature, her many climatic moods and her seasonal shifts.

Cal Steel, D.O.

Cal grew up in England but was captivated by the expansive beauty of British Columbia and moved there in 2002. As a young woman her fascination with the human state took Cal to India to work, followed by a career in nursing. She re-trained as an Osteopath, drawn by its philosophy of  “Connected Oneness”. In this philosophy, health is recognized as the place of balance within the whole of a person and their relationship to their environment.  A place of no separation from the natural world.

Cal is fortunate to have two wonderful daughters who keep her sane, and two grandchildren who remind her of the importance, or rather necessity, of us all taking a stand for life.

Cal feels deeply honoured to have had the opportunity to spend time with the Sapara and to learn from them what it is to be a human being and to live in complete reciprocity with nature. Her hope is to embody at least some of their wisdom and to share what she has learnt for the greater good of all.

Petra Hasenfratz, R.M.T.

Petra was born in a small town in the south of Germany, in the Black Forest area. From early on she remembers picking berries, hunting for mushrooms, catching fish and collecting herbs in the forest with her family. Her summers were often filled with days growing vegetables and flowers in the garden with her grandmother.

When she moved to Canada, she and her husband explored the Yukon by canoe and spent many days getting lost with friends and family in the stunning wilderness of British Columbia. Nature has always been an important aspect of her life. Petra finds herself filled with a longing for a deeper understanding of the natural world and the relationship between all living beings. The ancient wisdom of the Sapara in the Ecuadorian rainforest has taught her the inconceivable, and with this deeper awareness she is able to be of service to both the planet and the human beings that inhabit it.

Petra is a mother to two amazing young women, a naturalist, environmentalist, herbalist, and a lover of adventures. She has been working as a Registered Massage Therapist for 25 years.