This adventure, supported by deeply experienced and loving guides, provides a view into a society fully connected to the planet’s tropical rainforest. You live in close proximity with a fully integrated village, where everyone has a high level of life satisfaction and is honoured for birth to death. A society that is guided by the analysis of the dreams from the previous night. This can serve to guide you to consider options for a more satisfying and enriching life.

I came away from my experience, with a broader understanding of the world, and my role within it.
I would encourage anyone who’s is interested in a different view of life and the foundational importance of nature, to consider travelling to the Sapara with NAKU North.

Jim Standen, 2017

Visit to Sapara open a deeper connection with my ancestors. I witness what is so familiar to me but lost at the same time.
Visit to Sapara open a deeper connection with the suffering world to me . I was drowning in the river of the Loneliness while witnessing Sapara’s people gentle care and love.
Visit to Sapara open a deeper connection with Myself by witnessing all my created identities to disappear in the jungle.

Gintare Morie

This was a very special and personal journey for me. I’ll talk about just one aspect – my relationship with time which was turned upside down. Normally I’m a list-maker and a scheduler. On this trip everything was arranged for us. The leaders took care of us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There was nothing to plan or worry about! This enabled me to sink deeply into a sense of relaxation and well-being. Coupled with this was the Sapara concept of “no-time “. They live their days by the arcing sun and their previous night’s dream. I was able to just BE and let things happen, knowing that whatever came up – all would be well. I cherished this profound feeling of peace and contentment. My sense of creativity soared and I made several sketches of humming birds. I’m practising bringing this memory into my everyday life.

Sheri Standen 2017

The time in the rainforrest shifted my perspective, healed wounds and softened my edges.  The journey has changed my life.  Thank you so much.

Nia Williams