The adventure of flying into a remote village in the Ecuadorian Amazon region is certainly enough of a draw to pique some people’s interest.  What isn’t readily apparent until you arrive, though, is that it is a journey into the center of yourself.  The Sapara people are offering a rare invitation to participate in their way of life, to experience a profoundly deep connection with Nature and to observe the rich vitality of life in the Rainforest.

“It is a journey for your well-being and to experience a new way to see life.  It is an opportunity to find out who you are and to gain some insight into your personal vision so that you can go out of the jungle and help change the dream of the modern world.”   Manari Ushigua, Sapara leader

This journey is a chance to leave our world behind and enter a world where each day is dreamt into existence.  No need for electricity, cell reception, running water or your planning mind.  You have no choice but to surrender into the present.

The ever present pulse of life in the forest, the continual sounds of Nature, the easy rhythm of the days and the busy dreaming of the nights all provide a backdrop for  a deep and meaningful journey.  It is a chance to open the door of ancient wisdom and see how it can inform your modern life. We are dedicated to guiding people to be in a place of connection with themselves, others and Nature and, from there, to take a stand for life.

Next Steps

The Sapara have limited the number of guests into Naku each year in order to maintain the balance between this project and their routine community life.  Because this opportunity is limited and the groups are small, each person is required to fill out an application and have an interview with the journey leaders. We want to insure that each participant is well suited and prepared for the journey and that each group has a certain degree of cohesion as this is a fairly intimate travel experience.

If you are interested in joining us on a journey, please download the fillable application form, complete, and email to




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