Our story began in 2013 when we (Kim, Petra and Cal) undertook a journey to the Achuar territory in the Ecuadorian Amazon. This journey was run by the Pachamama Alliance, whose aims to change the dream of the modern world and create a more sustainable, socially just, spiritually fulfilling presence on this planet, spoke strongly to the three of us.

During our trip we formed a connection with Belen Paez, an ardent activist for the rights of the indigenous peoples of Ecuador. This connection led to Petra’s daughter, Zoe, spending some of her 2015 gap year living in Ecuador.
Zoe had the extraordinary opportunity to spend a month of her Ecuadorian stay living with the Sapara people of the Amazon as they were developing their Naku project.  Zoe was so impacted by her experience she invited her family and Kim’s family to join her there for a week.  We were all deeply moved by our time with the Sapara and made a commitment to support the Sapara community and the Naku project.

Without any previous experience, Kim and Petra offered to bring small groups of people to visit the project to learn from the ancient wisdom of the Sapara. Through this experience our hope is to effect a healing change within the group members and to inspire them to carry this wisdom of living in reciprocal relationship back to the modern world.

The deepening connection to the Sapara and their land that has developed since this first visit to the rainforest has greatly influenced how we live our lives and do our healing work. We have now taken several groups to visit the Naku project, including high school students.

Petra’s husband, Jürgen, lived with the Sapara for 2 months to help with the construction of the Naku infrastructure.
Both Kim and Petra’s children, Zoe, Gia and Gabe, have revisited several times and are hoping to develop a youth program at the request of the tribe.